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Invaders From Space

Back story: Network Alliance Ship (N.A.S.) Explorer

The N.A.S. Explorer as its name implies is a galactic exploration and research cruiser. It was on assignment in the Orion arm. Its mission is to seek out new worlds with plentiful resources and populations evolved enough to comprehend an invitation into the ever growing Network Alliance. 99.9% of sentient galactic lifeforms are incredible peaceful(by earth standers). For most of these species just the thought of violence is so traumatizing that it causes them to pass out, have seizures, or just paralyze them with fear (the herbivores). Then there is a small number of species that can engage in violence for personal defense or survival but only as a last resort and afterwords can cause mental trauma (the omnivores). So as can probably be inferred weapons are all but nonexistent except for local ones made for defense against dangerous animals. No ships in the N.A. are armed and only carry a very small amount of personal defense weapons for some members of exploration teams to take with them if they so chose.

Then the N.A. discovered Earth. What they observed from space they could not comprehend. To them it was a place of unprecedented contradiction and violence not only were there different species fighting each other which was bad enough there were sightings of fighting within the species. When the Explorer arrived it was actually a very quiet an peaceful time by earth standers with no wars being fought and only occasional fights between individuals. While the crew of the Explorer was observing and evaluating if they could invite the inhabitants of this planet into the N.A. they discovered something that they had never found before magic. It was decided that before they announced themselves to the whole world they would send a small team to meet with a few isolated individuals in order to exchange information.

Our story begins

Our group of young and inexperienced adventurers spent there day wandering through the thick Evergreen Forest west of their home city of Redstone. Finding a small, secluded clearing deep within the forest our adventurers decide that this is a good a place as any to make camp for the night. Unbeknownst to them their group has been selected by the N.A. representatives for first contact.

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